Board Resolution for SBA Loan – Essential Checklist

Board Resolution for SBA Loan

The directors will pass several types of board resolutions when they need to make choices on behalf of the firm. The sort of resolution to pass is determined by the gravity of the choice.

When should you utilize a template for a board resolution?

A board resolution template is a way for the company’s Shareholders or Board of Directors to memorialize its choices. The choice can be on anything related to the organization’s business, such as providing loans to other firms or voting for a new member to join the board of directors.

Following a meeting in which the Board of Directors decides on the resolution, they draft the board of directors resolution, which contains the resolution’s specifics. If the following conditions apply, you can utilize the board resolution format:

  • A decision reached during a Board of Directors meeting must be documented.
  • You must record a decision taken by the company’s shareholders.

Board resolutions can cover a wide range of topics, including electing a new Board member, hiring new firm personnel, selling company stock, buying a patent, and other key choices. The resolution is a legal document that provides the firm with a written record of the accepted choices.

There’s no requirement to provide or submit resolutions to any government agency or other comparable institutions in general. Instead, the resolutions must be kept on file with the company’s records. They’ll be immediately available if a key shareholder requests information regarding the Board’s actions taken on his behalf.

What is the purpose of creating a board resolution template?

An official document that says anything about an important problem on business concerns that the board wants to have documentation of is a simplified method of establishing a board resolution template. The corporation’s Shareholders on behalf of the company, the Board of Directors, or even a government authority might produce this document.

It makes no difference how long the board of directors resolution lasts. It just has to be as lengthy as you want it to be. There are a variety of reasons for creating a board resolution format, although theoretically, the Board can do so for any purpose. The following are the most typical justifications for this document:

  • To keep track of a new board member’s vote.
  • To record a decision made during one of the board sessions.
  • To record a decision reached by the shareholders.
  • When will the business hire new employees?
  • When a firm wishes to sell some of its stock.
  • When a charitable organization has to allocate funding to certain initiatives.

Resolutions, along with other significant papers such as books and records, should be kept in a file. You should also save a backup copy in a secure location. Because resolutions are legally binding papers, you can save this document alongside the meeting minutes.

Who can create a template for a board resolution?

Before a company can make any choices regarding specific issues, it must first determine whether the substance of the matter warrants review from the Board of Directors or the Shareholders. The constitution of the firm and its shareholders provide advice for the creation of a board resolution template.

When presenting an example board resolution, it’s critical to think about the sorts of concerns carefully, especially those that require vote. The Corporation Act of 2001 additionally establishes particular matters that necessitate specific types of resolutions.